Fashion Technology


 Design Concepts 

The students commence with understanding the fundamental concepts in design, color, embroidery, textile theory, finishing, processing and identification of fabrics.This is a foundation of the course.

Design ConceptsConcepts in DesignEmbroidery Concepts in DesignTextile Theory

 Fashion Illustration and Rendering 

Croqui development of female, male & kids. The module will equip the students with methods expressing ideas on a paper through various art mediums

Fashion Illustration and Rendering

 Design Development 

It is a process from the concept to completion of theme based design. Students' idea implementation and presentation will be emphasized to compose self expressive portfolio

Pattern DraftingGarment Construction Design Development

 Pattern Drafting and Garment Construction 

Learning the pattern drafting and construction of garment for better fit and comfort. This technical knowledge is very important for fashion design applications in the industry.

Technical KnowledgeConstruction of Garment

 Apparel Manufacturing 

Application of pattern drafting and garment construction in their product development, with appropriate sewing techniques and finishes required for the right look.

Garment Construction6-

 Computer Aided Designing 

Introduction to industry relevant computer software enables students to communicate in a range of visualizing in commercially acceptable forms.

Computer Aided Designing


 Merchandising (*) 

Study of the process that brings a product to the
market through forecasting, advertising and retail Management. To develop appropriate personal and managerial skills in students.


 Integrated Projects (*) 

A series of projects, which include the practical
aspects of designing & understanding markets. e.g. Market survey, Textiles and costumes, embroidery
and embellishment. This develops communication
skills and builds the self confidence.

Integrated ProjectsTextiles and Costumes

 Workshops and Visits (*) 

To give an insight in the hands-on course,
intermittent workshops are fused in the curriculum. Workshops of assorted techniques in textiles are
also empirically conducted. Students refine their
technical skills at the machine embroidery and hand embroidery workshops. Traditional workshops on
paintings and embroidery are conducted by the
“paramparik karigar”. Visits to designer's shows,
stores & fashion weeks also form an integral part of
the curriculum. Draping of fabrics is demonstrated in
a module with strong emphasis on traditional
drapes. In association with trade organizations like
CMAI, visits to weaving units for knits and woven are conducted. Being a vocational course, all these
activities help bring the practical aspect of the
industry to the classroom.

Embroidery WorkshopsDesigner's Shows

 Seminar and Exhibition – Genesis 

Retrospective of student’s academic work. More info available on news and events page.

 Annual Fashion Show – Fashion Panorama 

Annual Fashion Show – Fashion Panorama A platform to showcase our budding talent admits “fashionistas”. More info available on news and events page.


 Please Note: 

The core subjects remain the same for diploma & certificate course.the subjects marked(*) are the one which are taken in the diploma courses only. The intensity, depth, and curriculum under each subject may vary according to the course undertaken even though the subjects are the same. For diploma courses the number of guest lectures, workshops and visits will also more.