Interior Designing and Decoration
Post Diploma Curriculum


 • Design Philosophy And Practices 

This subject intends to initiate futuristic design ideas in students by developing their acumen in Understanding design with respect to the context of Indian, Oriental and International philosophies. Advanced concepts and principles of design would create awareness regarding different philosophies and schools of thought. Students can use classical, vernacular, futuristic and mythological concepts for their projects in profession. The subject also intends to impart an advanced level of understanding regarding the office set-up, finances, multidisciplinary human resources, stores, project management, CPM & PERT charts and other such concepts and principles of the professional aspects of interior design to undertake time efficient design practice.

Design Philosophy And Practices for Interior Designing

 • 2D And 3D Advance And Multimedia Skills 

The industry Demands a quick and realistic representation of the Designs proposed by any professional interior designer. This subject intends to equip the students with techniques and software skills to prepare Computer Aided Presentations in 2D, 3D and Multimedia Presentation with realistic effects for complex design proposals, as well as save storage space and time required. Focus is on development of personal skills with stress on confidence building.

2D And 3D Advance And Multimedia Skills

 • Interior Environment And Design 

In today’s scenario of International Cooperation towards reducing the Greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficient interior designs will help in optimizing use of operational energy. This subject intends to equip the students with strategies for selection and application of appropriate materials & techniques, concepts of Climate and Human Comfort Conditions and the inter-relation between them so as to enable him/her to comprehend the relation of External Conditions with Internal Spaces to understand environmentally conscious and efficient interior design.

Interior Environment And Design

 • Visual Display Design: 

Visual display design has become necessary for the presentation of stores and their merchandise in the wake of stiff competition to attract attention of potential customers. The Presentation may be as limitless as the possibilities of design concepts, variety of impact it exhibits and the emotional responses it seeks to create. This subject is intended to introduce students to the scope of Visual Display Design.

Visual Display Design


 • Project Research And Design 

This Subject is the culminating synthesis & creativity of all the studies that have been carried out. The stress is on translating all the values, attitudes and skills learned by the student into a subjective Project Research. Stress is equally on the expressionist qualities of the students. Focus is on individualistic approach to problem solving and one to one discussions with competent guide resulting in a professionally satisfying presentation of the Project Research that would put to test the analytical thinking and caliber of the student. The confidence required to setup practice will be generated by experiencing the whole process Of a particular Design, right from the selection of topic up to preparation of final presentation drawings. This subject is the culminating part of the process in continuation with the Research Project where topic selection, data collection, analysis, synthesis and conclusion in report form were ready with the students.

Project Research And Design

 • Allied Product Design (Elective) 

Specialty and innovative design is the need of the market for furniture and products allied to interiors. The design process for mass production deviates from interior design. This subject will introduce design process for various products and furniture types used in interiors with detailed study of ergonomics and innovative joinery details. The subject lays equal focus towards material economics catered to with reference not only to the cost affordability but also to environmental concerns, without compromising on strength and durability.

Allied Product Design

 • Set Design: 

Set design is an upcoming stream in the design industry. This subject intends to give the learner an insight of Concepts, Materials and Techniques of Set design that are different from those of interior design in terms of the temporary nature of solution; short time available for erecting and dismantling of the themed design suitable for different environment and requirement of application.

Set design